Transmission of the flower

L-Imlejqa, the Maltese Mother Goddess is a performance created and performed by Karolina Mielczarek, Laura Kuukkanen and Renzo Spiteri - an internationally renowned music artist and composer.

L-Imlejqa tells a story of forgotten life viewed from the perspective of the matriarchal society  of 'Old Europe' - the term coined by Professor Marija Gimbutas. Prof Gimbuts was an archeologist known for her extraordinary research about the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of 'Old Europe', another words, 'Neolithic Europe'.

The performance portrays a tale about life, death and regeneration of two characters: L-Omm and Il-Hajja. L-Omm prepares to be part of a religious ritual. She morphs her body through the stages of pregnancy until she gives birth to Il-Hajja. Il-Hajja begins to develop and grow from srping to autumn. As autumn approaches, L-Omm re-appears, now transformed in her majestic form, as L-Omm Terribli. L-Omm Terribli's presence withers Il-Hajja's life, causing her own daughter to die. Il-Hajja and L-Omm return as different beings to bring the circle of life to an end: the re-birth of new life.

L-Imlejqa is an old, Maltese world which stands for a mother goddess. The mother goddess was a deity who was worshsipped because of her power of life giving during the Old European period. She provided fertility, reproduction and safety for children. There was a clear appreciation of the maternal figure, being deeply rooted in the family sphere, not only as a religious belief. She was also responsible for keeping the community united in harmony with nature.


Concept, choreography & performance -

Karolina Mielczarek & Laura Kuukkanen

Music and composition - Renzo Spiteri

Costume design - Hannah Moijanen

Light design - Matthew Gellel

Photography & video - Rafal Mielczarek

Premiere - 16-17.06.2017, Valletta Campus Theatre

This project was staged with the support of the Department of Theatre Studies, School of Performing Arts, University of Malta. Our special thanks goes to Prof Frank Camilleri, Clive Ferrante, Gaby Giacchinoand Julian Chircop.

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