"How to ridicule gravity [the untold story]"

Clipa Theatre




"How to ridicule gravity [the untold story]" is an interdisciplinary performance adapted, created and performed by Karolina Mielczarek in collaboration with Joel Landshut and Eldar Baruch under supervision of Idit Herman (Clipa Theatre).

The creation is inspired by the short stories: "What do we have in our pockets", "Asthma attack", "Like bats" and "Crazy glue" written by a Tel Aviv-based fiction writer and filmmaker Etgar Keret. "One of the most important writers alive - Clive James: 'When you say I love you very much, and your asthma'a attack occurs, there is no time for palaver because instead of very you have to say call the ambulance..."


Mielczarek's adaption follows the story of a girl who carries her whole life in the pockets. In an attempt to live a stable life, she finds herself shifting in and out of reality. She is being taken care of by natural forces that eventually bring her a glimpse of hope. She encounters someone who accepts her little oddities. Time passes by and her seemingly functioning relationship is challenged by a crisis. She desperately tries to save herself in order to become inseparable... But how long can you hold on to your dearest wish?

"How to ridicule gravity [the untold story]"

Adaptation and performance: Karolina Mielczarek &

Joel Landshut 

Production: Clipa Theatre - Idit Herman & Dmitry Tyulpanov

Composition and sound design: Eldar Baruch

Lighting design: Asi Gotesman

Costume design: Ina Sokolovsky

Premiere: June 27th 2013, Clipa Theatre

The production was made possible with the scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

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