"Silent Cinema" 

Cynada Movement Theatre

Silent Cinema is a collaborative work between all the members of Cynada Movement Theatre around the idea of silent cinema and its aesthetics.

Cynada Movement Theatre was established in 1998 by Bozena Eltermann - a dancer, choreographer and a solist of Theatre of Expression (Teatr Ekspresji) of Wojciech Misiuro.


Cynada Movement Theatre: www.cynada.pl

"something about the activity, joyful effort, continuous action, endless traffic, transition, active passivity pushing events in an unknown direction, because neither the time nor the world ever stops .... something about the fatigue which leaves no illusions, about never fulfilled dreams and about those, which we have managed to tame and change into reality ... something about the richness of mind, something about the poverty of everyday verbal communication, something about the fear of the future, something about present passion, something about the process of crystallizing the thoughts, about creating the reality, about the life on the curve, behind which nobody knows what is to be found… which is fine ... something about us ... " – Bozena Eltermann

"Silent Cinema"

Concept and choreography : Bozena Eltermann

Performance: Bozena Eltermann, Marek Kakareko, Karolina Mielczarek, Aleksandra Widuto

Premiere: 28.11.2013 at Klub Zak in Gdansk (Poland)

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