Storytelling in movement


Are you looking for dance classes which are self-expressive and creative?


Do you like dancing freely because it makes you happy?

Are you interested in getting to know yourself from the perspective of your body?

Storytelling in movement is a creative dance for everyone who enjoys dancing for the sake of expressing oneself through movement. In my approach to dance, movement is treated in a free, intuitive and exploratory way to meet and experience oneself in dance. Storytelling in movement is to express yourself, experience yourself and make sense of who you are.

The classes are open to everyone without prior experience in dance because WE ALL CAN DANCE ! 



Why storytelling in movement ?

Everyone tells stories and is surrounded by them. Either they are simple about how we spent a day or more complex ones about memories from childhood or plans for the future. Either we tell stories in real life face to face or on social media, using photos or videos. But have we ever wondered why we do that ? 

Telling stories is nothing more than sharing what happens, happened or will happen to us.

I came to an understanding that telling stories satisfies our social need: TO PASS what happens, happened or will happen to us ON TO OTHERS and this is what we do every day.

Another thing we do every day is moving. For most of us moving happens without paying attention to, we move because we have to do something or go somewhere. We don't think about how we step, how we hold our posture or why we keep looking down when we move.

The fact is that we are an Interesting Moving STORY !

Storytelling in movement brings telling stories and moving into creative dance classes that help with:

  • Improving your physical expression while developing awareness and control of the body

  • Learning about ourselves - broadening self-knowledge hence allowing self-growth

  • Satisfying the social need of telling stories 

There are two kinds of stories. The first type are those stories which we are conscious of and we decide whether we want to tell them or not. There are also those stories of which we are unconscious thus cannot be told. However, we can unlock the door to the hidden stories by allowing ourselves to dance...



Dance-book for children

“Lemon-cello” will be a dance book for children and their parents as well as for the whole family.

The fairy tale is intended to be told through movement in view of my concept of storytelling in movement.

The purpose of storytelling in movement is to introduce a more interactive and fun type of reading in which children are actively engaged in the action of storytelling.


About Karolina

Karolina Mielczarek is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher based in Malta.


Working within her approach to dance – storytelling in movement – she is interested in exploring the interrelation between personal stories and movement. Karolina believes in the importance of storytelling and dance as the basic mediums for expression and connection between people. 


As a performer and choreographer, Karolina collaborated with artists such as Bozena Eltermann with Cynada Movement Theatre in Gdansk (Poland). Under Eltermann's influence of expressive dance, Karolina began to perceive dance as a medium of bodily expression instead of a machine full of technical rules and aesthetic restrictions. She curated an exibition dedicated to Bozena Eltermann's 25th anniversary of artistic activity at Bay of Art (Zatoka Sztuki) in Sopot (Poland).

During her work with Bozena Eltermann, Karolina was invited to choreograph stage movement for Marek Brand's play - "Everyone brought the best they had" based on the book by Mieczyslaw Abramowicz. The premiere took place on the 15th of March 2014 at Miniatura Theatre in Gdansk (Poland).


She was strongly keen about studying theatre and decided to further her interest at Clipa Theatre in Tel Aviv (Israel). Karolina was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland to stage her first Theatrical production. "How to ridicule gravity [the untold story]" was created, based on the stories written by Edgar Keret in collaboration with the Israeli artists  - Idit Herman, Joel Landshut, Eldar Baruch, Inna Sokolovsky, Asi Gotesman while being supported by Edgar Keret himself.

In 2016 Karolina moved to Malta to broaden her academic horizon, refining her studies at the University of Malta, achieving in 2019 a bachelor degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies. In the time of her studies, Karolina performed "Farewell" under the supervision of Dr. Mario Frendo for the event called Sketches, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Music and Theatre Studies, School of Performing Arts, University of Malta.

At University, Karolina became interested in using expressive arts to help people suffering from health related conditions. In 2019, she met Natalie Muschamp, the chairperson of Step Up for Parkinson's Voluntary Organisation who was helping people with Parkinson's disease with dance classes. Ultimately, Karolina was trained by Muschamp as well as Annemarie Labinjo-van der Meulen (Dance for Heath) to become a teacher, specialising in Parkinson's disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. From then she began to teach creative movement sessions for people with Parkinson’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Malta.

Since 2019, Karolina began to work on her own approach to dance - storytelling in movement

Her classes give a possibility to those who like dancing to dance, to find their own dance within themselves and to help reach their full potential through dance.


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