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Karolina Mielczarek

Hi! I am Karolina.

I'm a dancer, dance teacher and educator as well as yoga instructor with a bachelor degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies.
Throughout my career as a dancer and choreographer, I have worked for prominent artists such as Idit Herman (Clipa Theatre, Tel Aviv); Bozena Eltermann (Gdansk, Poland); as well as a local academic Dr Mario Frendo (Theatre Studies, University of Malta).

I have dedicated my profession to exploring the interrelation between movement and storytelling.

I believe that the two are essential for expression and interaction between people.


At the back of this philosophy, I have founded

Storytelling in Movement,

where I invite kids, adults and elderly to express themselves through stories: autobiographical, real and imaginary.

Stories were told since time immemorial. Our ancestors weren't limited to words like we are today but used movements and gestures to communicate with each other. The stories were greatly cultivated and passed on from one generation to another. The importance laid both in their verbal and bodily message.

I want to revive this approach to storytelling that emphasizes movement as an inseparable part of who we are - we and particularly children are physical beings who constantly express themselves in movement.

This also means helping children get more interested in reading. Sparking their curiosity and excitement thus making the reading much more memorable. Through dance, stories become more alive and kids actively participate in the stories. They become storytellers themselves! 

Writing stories myself makes me experience all the layers that consist in creating the world of stories. This is a beautiful world but without movement,

this world is incomplete.

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Storytelling for children

Creative dance classes for children are situated outdoors. I believe that there isn't a better place for dancing than being outside in nature. This is when we can enjoy being at our best!

My classes are based on sensory integration, authentic movement, yoga and active storytelling, offering a vast opportunity for fostering expression, encouraging creativity and supporting children's development.

Each class provides a learning opportunity based on sensory experiences. We observe nature, listen to music, feel natural materials such as cons, stones, shells.

We imagine, think and create, drawing, building and storytelling.


We spend time through art, learning about the world and making new friends.

We have fun, discovering what we can do!

"The children feel welcome and happy in the classes. There is a good mix of dance, storytelling, expression through movement, and games where the little ones can interact with each other. I love that Karolina brings different props for each class. In the past few lessons, she used twigs, pine cones, chalk and balloons. It’s truly magical.”

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Storytelling for adults



Storytelling in movement for adults is a creative dance that offers a soothing and uninhibited expression to meet and experience oneself in movement. Drawing from mindfulness, authentic movement, sensory integration and storytelling, the classes offer a restful platform for self-expression while teaching the fundamental skills about movement, expression and mindfulness.



"The philosophy that binds them is a will to express oneself through dance. The intention is to reconnect people to their bodies and emotions in a way that is positive and healing" Cassi Camilleri, THINK magazine


"Joining these sessions is probably the best decision I took this year. The sessions, expertly led by the adorable Karolina Mielczarek, allow space for self expression via movement and music. One is deliciously immersed in a semi dream world where self awareness meets universal truth. The environment is compassionate yet light hearted so that the experience of storytelling dance is both fun and profound"  Justine Cutajar

"I always feel renewed after every class, but at the same time I feel I learn more about everyone and myself each time we dance together, I really love that feeling"  Imogen Mann

"Karolina creates a beautiful space to be and express ourselves in an effortless and flowing way, each session has a special touch to it through the storytelling that is explored"   Rebecca Gauci

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My stories for children


Illustration: Katri Kuukkanen


"Lemon-cello" will be a book for children that tells a story about different creatures living in the Milky Way a long time ago. The main characters are mice whose production of a delicious lemonade is unlike anything else in the whole galaxy. Their secret lies in a mysterious way of making it. 

A long, long time ago, so long that nobody can remember, life existed everywhere in the universe, not only on Earth. Beside our planet, the Moon, the stars and all the other planets were inhabited... 

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