Karolina Mielczarek


Karolina is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher based in Malta. Working within her approach - storytelling in movement - she is interested in exploring the interrelation between dance and storytelling. She believes in the importance of these two as the essentials for expression and interaction between people regardless of age. 

As a dancer and choreographer, Karolina worked for the artists such as Idit Herman (Clipa Theatre, Tel Aviv), Bozena Eltermann (Gdansk, Poland), Marek Brand (Gdansk, Poland) as well as academics - Dr Mario Frendo (Theatre Studies, University of Malta). 

Alongside her work as a performer and choreographer, she decided to dedicate herself to broaden her academic horizon, refining her studies at the University of Malta, achieving in 2019 a bachelor degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies. 

Apart from running her storytelling community, Karolina teaches creative movement classes for people with Parkinson's disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis as a member of Step Up for Parkinson's Voluntary Organisation.


Storytelling for adults

Body-mind approach


Storytelling in movement is a creative dance for everyone that offers a soothing and uninhibited expression to meet and experience oneself in movement. Drawing from mindfulness, authentic movement, sensory integration and storytelling, the classes offer a restful platform for self-expression while teaching the fundamental skills about movement, expression and mindfulness.



"The philosophy that binds them is a will to express oneself through dance. The intention is to reconnect people to their bodies and emotions in a way that is positive and healing" -

Cassi Camilleri, THINK magazine


"Joining these sessions is probably the best decision I took this year. The sessions, expertly led by the adorable Karolina Mielczarek, allow space for self expression via movement and music. One is deliciously immersed in a semi dream world where self awareness meets universal truth. The environment is compassionate yet light hearted so that the experience of storytelling dance is both fun and profound" - Justine Cutajar

"Karolina's energy is light and authentic. She really inspired us to be creative and transparent during her session. I felt so free and not judged in the safe space she created I never experienced anything like it .. a mix of spiritual practice, self-expression and feel-good vibration" - Amanda Tonna

"Karolina creates a beautiful space to be and express ourselves in an effortless and flowing way, each session has a special touch to it through the storytelling that is explored." - Rebecca Gauci



Children's Toys

Storytelling for children

Creative dance classes

Creative dance classes for children are a blend of dance, play and storytelling in movement which engage not only a child but also a parent.

Based on sensory integration, authentic movement and active storytelling, the classes offer a vast opportunity for fostering expression, encouraging creativity and supporting child’s development. 

Storytelling in movement is an authorial way of telling stories through movement developed by Karolina. Apart from the regular, verbal approach to reading, Karolina translates stories and tales including her own fables into movement, creating beautiful dancing stories or as she calls it -

 storytelling in movement 

enjoyable for both children and their parents.



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